Degrees of protection - enclosed equipment

Our Technical Team often receive enquiries regarding the interpretation of Ingress Protection (IP). 

The degree of IP for enclosed equipment is expressed as an IP rating. The levels of protection for the IP ratings are covered in Appendix G of AS/NZS 3000.

The equipment will be labelled with IP followed by two numbers and sometimes an additional letter.

The first number denotes the degree protection against solid objects and protection against access to hazardous parts.

The second number denotes protection against harmful ingress of water.

If a specific degree of protection is not denoted, an ‘X’ is used instead of the numbers.

The additional letter (A to D) when used denotes protection of persons against access to hazardous parts.

Occasionally a supplementary letter, H, M, S or W is used to denote special classes of electrical equipment.

Example of IP Rating from Appendix G AS/NZS 3000.2018