Correct meter usage and modification of connection points

NECA Technical would like to advise members of the following information regarding correct meter usage and retailer involvement when making changes to connection points.

Western Power have produced a Third party access to Western Power meters fact sheet in response to the recent increase in the residential segment of PV installers attempting to place loggers on meters to access data - a practise that is not permitted. This fact sheet clearly states what customers should and should not do at a Western Power connection meter.
Western Power have also noticed an increase in modifications without notice being given to retailers. The Changes to connection points - retailer involvement fact sheet, highlights the requirement to notify the retailer if a customer is modifying their connection point. This fact sheet lists what actions are classed as a change and outlines requirements from customers.

The key message here is that retailer involvement is not a ‘new’ process as such, but rather Western Power will be updating customer online applications (this is still some months away), and in the interim, implementing a workaround to capture any new projects. 

NECA Technical will keep members informed of any changes.