Cooking appliance isolation

Our Technical Team regularly receive questions relating to isolation requirements for cooking appliances.  The following requirements apply:

  • Electric cooktops (including induction cooktops) - the isolator must be visible and readily accessible within 2 metres of the appliance and not in a position where the user would have to reach across the cooking surface. Single pole switching is acceptable.
  • Combination gas/electric cooktops - as above, however double pole isolation is required.
  • Gas-only cooktops and gas ovens - the isolator needs to be accessible with the appliance in the fixed position - double pole isolation is required. Double pole isolation can be achieved by the use of a socket outlet and the isolator may be in a cupboard.
  • Electric ovens - no specific isolation requirements. 

If you have any additional queries, please phone the NECA TECH Hotline on 1300 6322 8324.