Combined gas and electrical metering

NECA WA published an article in September 2015 regarding non-compliant grouped metering arrangements. It has recently come to our attention that some builders are still requesting this arrangement.

It is common practice to install a combination gas/electrical meter enclosure (combo meter box) in the one location, for individual residences this is acceptable. However, where there are multiple built/survey strata or group residential developments, the use of such enclosures in cluster configurations (multiple master metering) can create a range of electrical safety, access and operational issues.

Therefore the use of such enclosures for multiple master metering installations is deemed unacceptable by both Horizon Power and Western Power.  The image below depicts an example of a non-compliant metering installation.

Non-compliant installations

If these installations are identified, the relevant network operator will issue orders to have the non-compliant installation changed to meet compliance.

All network metering arrangements must comply with the Metering Code, the WADCM and all applicable statutory, technical and regulatory requirements.