Closure of Western Power email addresses

In late February, Western Power is closing the following email addresses:


This change is occurring to make it easier for customers to reach out online and to improve Western Power response times. 

The exact date for the close-down of the email addresses is yet to be confirmed. Until then it is business as usual – emails sent to these addresses will still be serviced in the normal way PLUS you will receive an autoreply message letting you know about the coming change.

These emails are being replaced with a streamlined online enquiry service accessed via the ‘Contact Us’ section on the Western Power website.

This new facility is NOT yet live, so what you see there now is NOT what is replacing the emails.

Once the new online enquiry service is live, Western Power will shut down the general email addresses. If an email is sent to any of general email addresses after this date, you will receive an autoreply with a link to the new 'Contact Us' section on the Western Power website. You will then need to copy and paste your enquiry from your original email (which will be in your sent box).