Circuit breaker as the main switch - requirement from 1 February 2022

The Western Australian Service and Installation Requirements (WASIR), released on 1 August 2021, included the requirement for a circuit breaker as the main switch for all new or altered connections supplied by the Western Power network. This requirement became mandatory as of 1 February 2022.

This requirement effectively sets the maximum demand by limitation and the circuit breaker should be rated to the network service capacity for the property. Most residential properties have the standard supply as the network service capacity, which is 63 amps for single phase and 32 amps for three phase in the metropolitan area and major regional centres. In all other areas, 32 amps applies for both single and three phase. The requirement only applies to the main switch at the site main switchboard.

An altered connection would include installation of solar, battery energy storage systems and electric vehicle chargers.