Changes to the Electrotechnology Training Package - have your say

As members may be aware, the long awaited change to the Certificate III Training package (electrician qualification) is nearing completion and will be out for public consultation from 15 July until 2 August.

NECA has been active in its representation of industry throughout this long and at times difficult project but in spite of the new training standards we have managed to retain all previous relevant components of the qualification, added some much needed training in respect of renewables, included training in asbestos and silica and removed some outdated and redundant content.

The inclusion of Silica training is a topical one as more and more people become aware of the dangers of Silicosis which is a progressive disease that belongs to a group of lung disorders called pneumoconioses. It is the oldest known occupational lung disease, and is caused by exposure to inhaled particles of silica, mostly from quartz in rocks, sand, and similar substances which electrical workers can often be exposed to when undertaking electrical work.

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