CET apprentice creates painting for ECA WA's 2021 Indigenous Program, Mila Birdal

ECA WA recently commissioned the artistic talents of CET first year electrical apprentice Anthony Fenn to create the stunning painting, titled 'Journey', to help promote their 2021 Indigenous Program, Mila Birdal.

Translated from the Noongar language as ‘future sparks’, the Mila Birdal program is designed to support Indigenous students with a clear career pathway that transitions them from high school, to an electrical apprenticeship - resulting in becoming a qualified electrician. 

Anthony describes how the painting represents the journey a young person goes through during their electrical training, with the key elements reflecting different aspects of the experience and their meaning.  

'Journey' will soon be seen more widely as part of the promotion of Mila Birdal. Thank you very much to Anthony for sharing his extraordinary talents with us.

For more information on ECA WA's 2021 Indigenous Program, Mila Birdal, please contact Tricia Sumich at tricia.sumich@ecawa.org.au.