Beware! Tool theft is on the rise

You might think your vehicle or work site is secure, but tools are being stolen in record numbers across the country. NECAGuard has seen a dramatic increase in claims reported for theft of tools over the past 12 months. Tougher economic times can lead to an increase in these types of crimes, but more sophisticated black markets are also making it easier for criminals to quickly offload items.

NECAGuard's top tool tips: 

  • What’s the greater cost? Insurance or replacing your tools? Purchase an insurance policy to cover your tools of trade
  • Make sure tools are always stored under lock and key – in a vehicle, job site or private residence 
  • Remove more expensive items from vehicles or job sites and store overnight in your home
  • Keep original purchase invoices of all your tools 
  • Don’t get caught out being under-insured – review your policy limits regularly

Click here for more information about NECA WA’s endorsed insurance program.