Amendments to the Western Australian Distribution Connections Manual (WADCM)

The WADCM has recently been amended. Here is a summary of these amendments:

Clause 9.3.6 Overhead to Underground Conversions (pole to pillar)

Wording has been changed in regard to the requirement for a site main switchboard and the allowance for two connections per pillar for single survey plans removed, along with the provision of a dedicated pillar for developments of up to four lots.

Clause 11.5.1 Metering Equipment Location

The reference to remote meter minimum height of 600 mm has been removed. Therefore the minimum height for a single remote meter panel will now be 1,200 mm.

Clause 11.5.7 Remote Metering

The maximum distance of 30 m from point of supply has been replaced with boundary.

Clause 11.5.8 Unsuitable locations

Figures in this clause have been modified to align with the Strata switchboard guideline: 

Clause Per service pillar

This clause has been reworded to only allow two freehold lots to be connected to a pillar and a requirement for a site main switchboard.

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