Advocacy update on Synergy's SolarReturn product

NECA has had continued discussions with Synergy in regard to its SolarReturn product.

It should be noted by members that NECA WA has an official position of being opposed to the government and any of its agencies competing with private business in the marketplace. NECA WA is opposed to Synergy competing with small contracting business in the solar space and with Western Power competing with electrical engineers in the design space and any other market where the government competes with the private sector.

In the case of Synergy, NECA is particularly concerned with ensuring that Synergy does not gain an unfair advantage in the marketplace by using confidential information it receives as part of the application process for the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS).

This process requires all applications for the installation of domestic solar units to be made through Synergy, thus providing it with an enormous amount of data of potential customers for its SolarReturn product.  

Synergy has, however, assured NECA in writing that this information is not shared with its sales and marketing team and is not used to target solar clients. 

Synergy’s General Manager Retail has been invited to an upcoming Board meeting to discuss this matter further and the outcomes of this meeting will be communicated to members in due course.