Biznostics' Business Empowerment Series | Part 1 - Time Management

Written by Biznostics

If you are like many electricians we know, you’re probably having time wasted in your day. 

  • by constant phone calls…
  • to things going wrong with jobs…
  • questions from staff…
  • to a never ending inbox of emails…   the list goes on… 

It’s something we call ‘time thieves’ and they rob you of your time, stopping you from getting the important things done.

When this happens you end up having to play catch up at night or on weekends just to stay on top of your quotes and other paperwork.  This eats into your family time and means you end up working more hours than you need to.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way… 

Here are 3 keys to getting more out of your time each day.

(1) Accept you can’t create more time

We each get 24 hours each day.  No more. No less.  You can never create more time - it is what you do with your time that counts. 

The best way to think of your time is as a jar. Each day you get 24 hours in your jar, so when your jar is full you can’t put anything more in it.

The question is what is taking up space in your time jar?  

(2) Identify your time thieves 

If you are having time wasted in your day, it’s because time thieves are robbing you of your time.  These time thieves are disguised as emails, social media, phone calls and people and are taking up time in your time jar.

By identifying and naming your time thieves you are now in a position to do something about them.

For example, one of our customers was wasting a lot of time on social media.  The first thing he would do in his day was go on Facebook and he would waste 1-2 hours before he even started his day.  Until he looked at this he didn’t even know it was happening.  To tackle this, he put some boundaries in place to only check social media in his lunch break, so instead of getting off course right from the start of his day, he time-boxed it in his lunch hour.  

Another one of our customers was getting a whole lot of enquiries, but from the wrong type of customers, that were wasting his time.  He would answer calls and do quotes only to have them go nowhere.  To address this, he updated his website so it answered most of the questions he was getting, and he also introduced a system to automate his quotes so he could easily give customers the information they needed.  This helped break the cycle of always being on his phone wasting time with the wrong type of customers.

(3) Put the big rocks in your jar first

Stephen R. Covey first gave us the analogy of the jar of rocks.  Every day we each get a time jar and every day we have choices of what we put in our jar:

  • Big Rocks - the important / not urgent.
  • Pebbles - the urgent / and important.
  • Sand - not important / but urgent.
  • Water - not important / not urgent.

Your Big Rocks include things like working ‘ON’ your business, planning your week ahead and reviewing your finances and numbers. 

Big Rocks and Pebbles count much more than Sand and Water in your day, so make sure you put these in your jar first.  If you don’t put these in your jar first, then you always end up with things that still need doing and you chase your tail, always feeling like you can never get on top of things. 

BUT, if you place these items in your jar correctly, believe it or not they all fit (well the things that are supposed to anyway).

By focusing on these 3 areas you'll be more in control of your time, you'll be more productive and get more done each day and each week.

If you have enjoyed this article and would like more tips and strategies on how to get your time back, then check out Biznostics Free 5 part video series ‘From Business Slavery to Freedom’.  You can access the video series here.