Electrical Group Training (EGT)

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Electrical Group Training (EGT), is the largest employer of electrical apprentices in Western Australia (WA), producing highly trained and skilled employees to meet WA’s industry demand.

Beginning with just 12 apprentices in 1988, EGT has grown to employ over 600 apprentices in all areas of the electrotechnology industry.

EGT employs, trains and provides ongoing support to apprentices in the electrotechnology sector. EGT recruits and places apprentices with a number of host employers to gain hands-on experience in all areas of the industry including domestic, industrial and communications. Find out about becoming an EGT apprentice.

Benefits of hosting an EGT apprentice

  • Save money

You could save almost $10,000 over four years by using EGT apprentices versus going direct indentured, depending on your situation.

EGT pays for:

  • Superannuation
  • Workers compensation
  • Holiday and sick leave
  • Rostered days off
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Time at college

All you pay for is the hours the apprentice works for you (based on a 38 hour week). NECA WA Members also receive discounted rates!

  • Reduce your risk

EGT currently has 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year apprentices available so you can choose the year level you need based on your project requirements. EGT apprentices are provided for the time that you need them, whether it’s two weeks or four years.

You will not have to pay for an apprentice if work slows down, just provide EGT with five working days’ notice to return your apprentice. Once work picks up, you can request another EGT apprentice to suit your needs.

  • Minimal paperwork

EGT takes the stress out of managing employees by performing recruitment, training, administration and payroll, monitoring apprentices and addressing grievances and discipline.

  • OSH Support

EGT hosts have access to safety consultants who can assist with implementing safety requirements to help you achieve compliance with legislation.


For more information about EGT, visit the EGT website.

Click here to find out more about becoming an EGT host.


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