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NECA News Magazine 

NECA News is the leading publication for WA electrical businesses, servicing the needs of the Western Australian electrical and communications industry. Launched in 2008, the magazine is distributed free of charge to electricians and apprentices throughout WA to keep them up to date with important news and the latest developments in the electrical trade.


NECA News provides vital information to electrical contractors in Western Australia, including:

  • News from Western Power and EnergySafety
  • Technical, Legal and OSH advice and information
  • Business tips
  • Industry updates

Audience & Reach

Published quarterly, the magazine has an average circulation of 2500 and is distributed six times a year, to the following Western Australia target groups:

  • Electrical contractors
  • Electrical apprentices
  • Electrical wholesalers and manufacturers
  • Industry bodies


NECA WA Electrical Contractor Guidelines

Developed by our technical team, the Electrical Contractor Guidelines (ECG) provide clear guidance on effective ways to comply with key industry and legal obligations imposed on electrical contractors and their workers.

The ECG are specifically aimed at small-to-medium sized electrical contracting companies, however businesses of all sizes may benefit from the tips and examples detailed in the ECG.


What do the Electrical Contractor Guidelines cover?

  • Remind ECs of their obligations
  • Assist contractors in ‘getting it right’ from a compliance perspective
  • Provide guidance, tips and advice
  • Suggest suitable methods and processes to apply in implementing the requirements in this plan
  • Include appendices with checklists, forms, employee record templates etc



Is your home safe? Electrical safety tips everyone should know

NECA WA has developed an electrical safety publication for householders, providing simple tips and advice on how to stay safe in the home when using electricity.

Named 'Is your home safe? Electrical safety tips everyone should know', the booklet highlights the importance of always hiring a qualified electrician to carry out any electrical work around the home.

Topics include:

  • Installation and maintenance of RCDs
  • Smoke alarms
  • Ceiling spaces
  • Solar power systems
  • Electrical appliances
  • Risks outside the home, including powerlines, party lighting and generators